Zarya is an amazing hero (OPINION)

This is more a love letter than other thing, but Zarya was the first hero I played on Overwatch, after a while playing Overwatch I can tell that it’s still one of my favorites, I feel like it works with almost everything, but against a Mercy, but what tank is good against Mercy and/or Pharah? Well there are surely some good against, but not to take them down.

I’ve been watching a lot of high elo Zarya players that do incredible and weird stuffs, even on the Overwatch League I saw once (and learned) that Zarya’s ultimate can be sticked to walls for an amazing play. I tried that once as well and it worked! What can we talk about Zarya? Well I will try to focus on one aspect only, her gameplay, specially on how it can combo with a DPS.

Zarya kit is basically shields, absorbing damage and turning it into damage for her win and protecting others, it sounds very good, and it is! Of course it doesn’t last long, but 1 second is 1 second, a Genji can do much damage if you shield him and he has ult at the right moment, also, Zarya can just goes into them with all the absorbed damage, it will deal a lot of harm to their enemies.

The ultimate is one of the best, let’s compare to Sigma’s ult, Sigma can lift them from the floor and then smash them as toys, that’s awesome, it deals damage as well, but why do I think Zarya’s ult is better? It can basically be an automatically ace and can give your team chances to recover, you need to position, but is not as difficult as Sigma’s to aim. Genji/Hanzo ultimate and Zarya’s ult combined is surely a game changer. It also gives ways to reposition if needed, if they are trying to harm you as Zarya, you just shield yourself and with the absorbed damage you will give them the medicine they were trying to give you: an enemy has been slain.

Another good thing about Zarya is that her laser can be avoided, Genji can’t parry it, for example, also it’s on-hit, no wait time to arrive to the enemies like Orisa’s bullets. For many other things I think Zarya is my best hero and the hero I like the most, thanks to a guy smurfing on one of my games I started playing her often, and I don’t regret anything!

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