Releasing more champions seems quite excessive when there are +150. Why not do instead minor updates and full VGUs on champions that we have already?

It’s a surprise why Riot is going this way of adding more and more champions every year. Having more than 150 characters in a 5vs5 games is just to much already but it seems Riot won’t stop doing it.

We all know that Riot won’t stop releasing new champions because that’s one of the way that players will keep playing the game, obviously new champions should be released, but there are so many champions that are not played at all and should and can have a full reword and I’m sure players would love to see it, also updating stuff that is outdated, Riot can rework like 5 champions and make them playable again.

Having less new champions would also have the effect of making the ones getting released even more enjoyable. The pandemic probably contributed to the issue, but it felt like some champions were thrown in the game without great introducition to them like Riot used to do it before.

Usually new champions usually make more money and that’s probably true. , but updating champions that are old in the game and that people usually played can’t get a lot of money too or even more than new champions?

 I’m sure a lot of new champions made a lot of money, Sett had a prestige skin, Yone would sell simply because he is Yasuo’s brother and Seraphine was released with a lot of hype and an Ultimate skin with one of the most popular themes in the game, but we’re talking here about 3 champions, what about all the others? Why not update as an exemple, Riven or Twitch and give them new skins wouldn’t that sell more or the same as a new champion?

In my honest opinion League of Legends has already so many champions that for me it makes no sense to be adding new champions all the time, and the more champions Riot adds harder will be for new or semi new players to know all the champions, soon or later we will have around 300 champions but more than 50% of them are not played at all, not sure if that’s a good way to go by Riot.

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