Overwatch is a great game!

Overwatch was launched a few years ago, when it was released, it had a very big hype around it, and it wasn’t in vain! Overwatch was an amazing game with a lot of new mechanics and a friendly system, a system about teamwork, learning, compositions, new tactics and so on. This game was actually incredible, of course some changes needed to be done, heroes like Torbjorn were reworked, others like Brigitte were hard nerfed. In this case was well deserved, a Support that heals and could frontlane as a tank, that was just insane!

Overwatch at the moment have 32 heroes, the last of them being Echo. Just a few healers, a few tanks, and a lot of DPS, apparently it’s the funniest role, or at least, the one where the devs have been placing more effort on heroes. Maybe healers is just too broken to make a huge change and they need variety on DPS to take them down, maybe the same thing with tanks. A few have damage, others shields, others utility and then… then Wrecking Ball exists, with his very, very annoying gameplay, but useful for objectives and very useful in some maps, he just wrecks with the ball and does a lot of damage, also, don’t let the enemy to get into the area, that’s where heroes like Roadhog can make a difference, or even, Orisa (the funniest one, for some at least). Against heroes like Mercy, Mc Cree, Soldier, are very good options, against Genji, Winston and so on.

Baptiste buffing damage

The combinations are a lot and the ways to execute it are even bigger, also Overwatch prevents toxicity, or at least tries it, the heroes can and will say “thanks” when they get healing and will also talk with each other, some are lore interactions, others are in-game interactions that are actually, helpful. Quotes such as “recharging” or talking about their shield health or just about their ultimate.

It’s a very fast game, that’s very good for some public. Also, Blizzard will try to make Overwatch 2 even better than Overwatch 1, it’s just a matter of waiting and wish for the best. Overwatch will be a very good game again when Overwatch 2 is released!

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