New Overwatch 2 Hero Coming With Season 3

The meta in Overwatch 2 is continually evolving due to updates that adjust the abilities of heroes in the game. This is especially evident when new heroes are introduced, such as Junker Queen and Kiriko, who were added at the launch of OW2, followed by Ramattra in the second season.

With season three approaching, players are wondering if they will get another new hero.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a new hero in season three, but the game will offer a new Control map set in Antarctica, complete with penguins. Blizzard has stated that new heroes will be released every other season, so the next hero is expected to arrive no earlier than April 2023. The next two heroes in line are both support characters.

Despite not getting a new hero in season three, players can still look forward to the new map, battle pass, and more. If Blizzard continues to follow its schedule, players can expect several new heroes in Overwatch 2 each year, which is similar to the release cadence in Overwatch 1.

In addition to the new content, the highly anticipated PvE mode for OW2 is expected to be released this year, after being postponed to allow the PvP mode to go live in early access last October. Season three of Overwatch 2 starts on Tuesday, Feb. 7.

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