The recent nerfs in League Patch 13.1B have caused Yuumi’s solo queue abilities to decline even more.

The most debated champion in the history of League of Legends, the Magical Cat named Yuumi, seems to have finally met her demise with the latest game update. The latest patch has resulted in significant decreases in Yuumi’s win, pick, and ban rates in solo queue across all ranks, according to data from OP.GG and U.GG.

Despite starting the new season at the top of the ladder, her effectiveness has declined to levels similar to when she was first released, which could affect her professional play.

The recent nerfs affected various aspects of Yuumi’s kit, including reduced base stats, changes to her passive, and decreased effectiveness when attached to an ally. Both of her play styles – the intended attachment and detachment to activate her passive and the full-game AFK attachment – have been impacted, making her one of the lowest-winning support options in solo queue without being part of a premade team.

Although Yuumi is one of the most disliked champions in the game, her win rate has also suffered due to her high ban rate, causing her to disappear from solo queue games across all ranks for months. It is still unclear how heavily Yuumi will be impacted in professional play as it has not yet shifted to Patch 13.1B.

However, it is expected that the supportive marksmen will continue to dominate, as Riot hopes these nerfs will finally eliminate Yuumi’s presence at the highest level of play.

Buffs to Yuumi after periods of poor performance have not been successful in the past as she tends to reappear in professional play with minimal changes. Yuumi is expected to remain in this weak state until her rework, which has been announced but does not have a release date. For those who dislike Yuumi, it’s likely that the Magical Cat will be absent from the game and broadcasts for a while.

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