End of Overwatch 2 Season 3

The end of Overwatch 2’s third season is almost here, and players have hopefully made their way through all 80 battle pass tiers to get the coveted Amaterasu Kiriko skin. Despite the glitches and bugs, the season was still enjoyable for FPS fans.

Now, season four is on the horizon, and it’s expected to bring new skins, map updates, and hero tweaks that will shake up the meta. Season three saw significant changes to various characters, and every map was included in competitive and quick play. Players should prepare for another round of changes in season four.

When can players expect Overwatch 2 season four to launch? It’s likely that it will be released on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. The new season will feature 80 battle pass tiers, with a mythic hero skin as the final reward. Season three saw several tanks being nerfed, resulting in Doomfist becoming a more popular pick. It’s expected that season four will bring about more changes, potentially affecting all heroes.

Fans of the game are hoping that season four will be free of glitches and bugs, particularly for tanks, DPS, and support heroes.

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