How Faker became so famous in League of Legends community

Lee Sang-Hyeok, also known as Faker, is the most well known player in League of Legends and, probably, the most well known eSports player around the world. He has a career as streamer but, mostly, as a professional player for SKT-T1 since 2013, as a mid laner. But, the question is, why is Faker so well known around the world? What did he do?

First, Faker was very young when everything started in his career, but his hands were just the beginning, the true start was a competitive game, a Best of 5. Before, in competitive, if teams were 2-2, it means, 2 wins each and needed one more to win, the blind pick and mirror match was allowed. In that game Faker picked Zed, and the enemy also took Zed. The game was in favor for SKT, but then a 1 v 1 came under Ryu’s turret, when everything was a good opportunity to give the victory to Ryu’s Zed, Faker said “no” and everyone was like “What was that!?

In that times, items also were different, Quicksilver Slash, for example, used to remove marks, and Zed’s ultimate is a mark, and that’s why Faker won that 1 v 1, because he used the Quicksilver Slash to remove Ryu’s mark. It worked perfectly and Faker managed to get the victory. That was one of the best Faker moments ever.

Faker also plays Orianna, Zed and LeBlanc, he’s an aggressive player. In worlds, he stomped every other mid laner without a problem, that’s why SKT-T1 won 3 world championship in a row. Every year was for SKT and everyone wanted Faker in their team, but he stayed in SKT until now, and, probably, will stay in SKT for a long time.

He’s also a streamer on Twitch, showing us that you don’t need to talk too much or “be funny” to be a successful streamer, sometimes, you just need ability, skill, discipline and a lot of rankeds. People always goes to his stream to figure out why is he so good, that’s one of the main reasons people watch him, because he barely talks while streaming. Just plays, and play very well. Dopa, another well known mid laner, also streams, but not on Twitch and, also, Dopa is banned on Korea because he runs an elo boost business. That’s correct, boosting is totally ilegal in Korea, not on the rest of the world, but in Korea it is.

Faker also has a lot of fans around the world that always claim he is the best mid laner, growing his popularity no matter what, the first proplayer many new comes will know is “Faker”, they can hear about others like Xpeke for specific plays, but Faker is the most heard.

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