Is elo boosting safe?

Many of you will have this question and ask yourself many times if it is worth to give your account to a stranger, the question will be remaining until you read this article, so, let’s get started.

What is League of Legends boosting?

First, League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and the most famous this far, with more than 100 millions players per month and more than 1 million per day, that’s a huge amount considering that the game was released in 2009, with the years, its popularity have been growing over and over. New champions, new mechanics, new game modes, League of Legends has almost everything what a good game would have, except for 1 thing, trolls.

This is, basically, people who refuse to play or just don’t want to play the game, they are there, outside, waiting in every match, also, as a interesting fact, the terms that have been created in League, or recycled from other games, are a lot, but some like “running down” or “int” are directly from LoL, for streamers, often. Even terms like “InSec” that comes from a professional Lee Sin player that was, probably, the first, on using Lee Sin’s kick as a way to reach the enemies to his team. Talking a bout trolls again, they will always be there and will try, on purpose or not, to screw your games, because they are playing bad on purpose, or they are just playing that bad that seems directly as trolling. Boosting enters here as a tool to help you to avoid trolls. A booster playing in your account or directly playing with you, a Master or higher player helping you to climb!

But, is it safe?

Elo boosting is safe if you buy it in the right place, because, for example, there are chances of getting scammed if you suddenly see a random master or high diamond player and ask him to boost you to some elo, then he can probably do it, or not, or ban your account, or not. The thing is, there are dedicated websites for boosting, many of them has a quality filter for boosters, have guarantees and, one of the most important things if you are scared of getting caught, boosters that use VPN (Virtual Private Network). Professional boosters + professional websites = Account safe.

Where can I get it?

There are many websites you can find boosting, many options, if you want the most affordable, you can check this article, your wallet will thank you, also your account, and, of course, your mental health, because no more trolls is translated as happiness.

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