Do you learn from playing with Challengers?

There are different ways to improve in League of Legends, watching videos, watching streams on Twitch, playing ranked and watching your mistakes after the game, there are plenty options, but one of the best options is being coached, or play, with a player with more experience. A high elo player.

But, what if you don’t have high elo friends? It doesn’t matter, there is a profession known as “Boosting”, which is in fact, a high elo player, a booster, playing in your account, or in this case, with you, helping you to achieve your desired rank it sounds simple and it is actually pretty simple, you can check the steps here:

Step 1: Find a nameable website to buy a Duo Boosting service

There are many websites which dedicates to boosting, but only a few of them are actually prepared  with enough resources to find high elo players who can do any kind of order. A nameable website is what you need, a website like Eloboostleague. This is important because there is a huge difference between years of experience and someone that is just trying to boost because he got diamond once, in this Eloboostleague all players are certified Master or higher and most of them have years of experience, without mentioning the website have been working for more than 5 years, providing excellent customer support and problems resolution.

Step 2: Take a look at all options offered by the website

You are looking for Duo boost, however it doesn’t stop there, if you don’t want to play your placements, you can simply buy Placement matches, or if you want to test the service, you can buy 3 Duo games, or if you want to get a rank because you don’t have enough time to play, you can choose Division.

Step 3: Do the purchase and start playing with the booster

All orders are usually assigned in no time, right after you are matched with a duo partner, a booster, you can see him/her playing  and figure out the differences between your current elo and higher elos, you want to learn? Then that is not a problem, watching the booster plays and decisions will help you with that, if you have questions, you can, for sure, ask the booster and will try to solve your doubts. It doesn’t matter what elo you are, this option is always good for playing with someone better, with years of experience and professionalism, because boosting, is a service, and the boosters on Eloboostleague are all professionals, not any of them is lower than Master


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