Silver Is The Rank with Most Players in Valorant

The information in tis post has been updated for 2024.

Your skill level in VALORANT Ranked might not be as bad as you think, as many other players share your same experience.

Recently, the distribution of ranks among VALORANT players was published and the results are not too surprising. The two most common ranks are Silver and Bronze, with Silver players constituting 25% of the player base and Bronze players accounting for 23.5%.

Here is the full rank distribution for February:

Iron: 10.6%

Bronze: 23.5%

Silver: 25%

Gold: 17.9%

Platinum: 12.5%

Diamond: 7.2%

Ascendant: 2.5%

Immortal: 0.5%

Radiant: 0.03%

The data shows that the highest ranks in the game, Ascendant, Immortal, and Radiant, are the least populated. So, if you belong to these ranks, you are among the elite players in the game and deserve some recognition. On the other hand, if you are ranked Gold 1, you are still among the top 40.6% of players in the game.

The beginning of a new season traditionally entails a rank reset for players, leading many to find themselves a few rungs lower on the ladder compared to where they ended up in the previous act. The revised ranking system aims to motivate players to strive to reach higher levels, while purging the leaderboards of inactive participants.

However, some have expressed frustration with the quality of games, blaming the low standard of play on less competent team members and poor sportsmanship.


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