How Does Elo Boosting Work?

Elo boost is the most popular way for you to climb the ladder fast in League of Legends without wasting your time with trolls and afks or if you don’t really have time to play and want to get those juicy rewards on the end of the season.

This type of service is done by the best players in your region and you will be amazed on how they can carry the games without almost no effort, elo boosting services provide you all options for you to choose from solo boost where a Challenger will play on your account and get you to your desired rank to duo boost where you can queue up with an high elo player and climb the ladder and learn while you play your favorite game.

So how solo and duo options works?

Solo boost is always cheaper than the duo boost, on solo boost you will share your account details to the booster, if you choose the best websites in the market you won’t have any problem doing it, this kind of services always use VPN to your specific country and city to avoid and problems on your account while the booster is on your account playing and ranking your account.
You also have the option to choose which champions you wish the booster to use, if you pick the option the booster will play only the champions you usually play which is pretty good to don’t look so obvious for your friends.

Duo boost the price is always a bit more than the solo option but also much safer, in this case you won’t share your account information instead you will be queuing up with the booster and play duo with him while you climb the ladder, if you have free time to play and prefer to don’t share your account details this is the best option, also in this option you can always learn and do questions to the booster and get some help on how to get better.

Duo boosting is not bannable, choosing this option you will never be banned for doing it, duo does not violate the terms and service of Riot, it’s the same thing of duoing with a friend that is high elo and has a smurf account to play with you.

Boosting is a good option for you in so many situations, let’s say you’re at Master and you won’t be able to play for more than a month, if you don’t bank games you will be demoted, purchasing a service like this will maintain your rank while you are way from League so you can still be the same rank when you return, because we know how hard can be climb again to your previous rank.

If you are tired of having bad players on your team and flamers, an extra help to leave that rank and start getting better players is always a good option too.

There are a lot of websites providing such service, make sure you check some reviews before purchase and you should be good to go!

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