League of Legends Season 11 End Date

League of Legends Season 11 marks the 12th year of League of Legends since it was released, Season 11 started on January 8 but the end date we don’t know yet.

Every season on League of Legends usually takes 10 months to a year, players are able to climb the ladder during this period trying to get the highest rank they can with Challenger being the highest rank possible, but not many players are able to get the top of the ladder, so being somewhere between Diamond or Master is already a great achievement for all players.

If you are a new player at the game, your goal is to get at least Gold so you can receive the end-of-season rewards and that juicy Victorious Skin.

All you need to know to prepare for League of Legends Season 11 - WIN.gg

Having all that in consideration, the main question still persists, when does League of Legends Season 11 will end?

Because Riot didn’t specify a date yet, we can’t be sure of the day it will end but by last season’s dates we can be sure that Season 11 will end in November

Here we have from Season 1 to Season 10 start and end dates:

Season 1 – Start Date: July 13, 2010/End Date: August 23, 2011

Season 2 – Start Date: November 29, 2011/End Date: November 12, 2012

Season 3 – Start Date: Feb. 1. 2013/End Date: Nov. 11, 2013

Season 4 – Start Date: Jan 10. 2014/End Date: Nov. 11, 2014

Season 5 – Start Date: Jan 21. 2015/End Date: Nov. 11, 2015

Season 6 – Start Date: Jan 20. 2016/End Date: Nov. 8, 2016

Season 7 – Start Date: Dec 8. 2016/End Date: Nov. 7, 2017

Season 8 – Start Date: Jan 16. 2018/End Date: Nov. 12, 2018

Season 9 – Start Date: Jan 23. 2019/End Date: Nov. 19, 2019

Season 10 – Start Date: Jan 10. 2020/End Date: Nov. 10, 2020

League of Legends end of the season always comes 10 days after World Championship ends, taking that in consideration and since World’s this year will end on the 6th of November, we can say that Season 11 will probably end between the 13th and 16th of November.

With the season coming to an end and a high influx of players will be playing the game to try to get their desired rank before the season ends, we all know at the end of the season games tend to be a lot harder, because a lot of players decide to get League of Legends Duo boosting orders to help them out reaching their desired goal, with this being said, high elo players will be duoing with players and help them to climb the ladder faster.

If you think you won’t be able to reach your goal, Elo boosting services will be your way to go to get all the rewards and the final rank you wish before the season ends.

After season 11 ends, Riot will release a pre-season for season 12 where all players will be able to test all the new changes and updates for the upcoming season.




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